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San Antonio Tummy Tuck Scars

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One of the biggest concerns when considering tummy tuck surgery is the scarring left behind. While some scarring is to be expected, the size and length of the scar greatly depends on the severity of the procedure. Patients who are in need of more extensive work will have a larger scar than those who’s lower abdomen is all that needs addressing.

Patients who’s abdomen has a great deal of loose skin and pockets of fat will most likely need a full tummy tuck. During a full tummy tuck, Dr. Schaffer tightens the abdominal muscles, removes fat deposits using liposuction and removes the excess sagging skin. Patients who undergo an extensive procedure such as this will generally have a scar that runs hip to hip. Patients who’s lower abdomen is the only area needing to be addressed may get away with a smaller scar as the procedure is not nearly as extensive.

In all tummy tuck procedures Dr. Schaffer performs he strives to limit the necessary incision to reduce scarring. When possible he places in the incisions in such a place that scarring can be hidden by clothing or a swim suit later on. To learn more about abdominoplasty contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Texas Super Doc Dr. Eric Schaffer.

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