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Breast Implant Exchange San Antonio

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There are a variety of reasons a woman may need an implant exchange. Some of the more common reasons and implant exchange may be necessary have to do with correcting the first implant procedure. This is in part why it is so important to research the surgeon performing your surgery as well as being well informed about breast implants before your surgery.

Women who visit San Antonio plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Schaffer for an implant exchange are most commonly correcting breast asymmetry or a past procedure gone wrong. There are other much less common reasons a woman may need an implant exchange such as a leak in the implant. Saline implants that leak will be very noticeable leaving the women with a deflated looking breast. Leaking silicone implants are less noticeable but need to be replaced to avoid risk of any health complications.

Breast implants are not meant to be lifelong devices. All women will exchange their implants at some point in their life. The most common reason women voluntarily undergo implant exchange procedures is simply to change the size or type of their implant. After 10 years or so, many women want the latest implants to revamp their breasts.

Implant exchange procedures are often less painful and require less recovery time than the initial surgery. A consultation with Texas Super Doc Dr. Eric Schaffer will be needed to address your individual concerns.

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