The Breast Issue Few are Talking About

Your body carries you through your lifetime, so you want to keep it healthy and vibrant. Your body also represents you; it portrays aspects of your personality and character, and you’d probably like it to be an accurate depiction of who you are. The thing is, as you may already know, Mother Nature doesn’t always give us what we want. Breast size is a perfect example of this and presents us with the opportunity to talk about something that few do: how large breast size can degrade the quality of life.

For many years, there has been a subtle yet widespread message: if you have large breasts, you should be thankful. We don’t agree with this mindset in the least, because we hear what women have to endure when their breasts are too large for their body frame. We’ll be short and to the point here . . . Large breasts are heavy; they sag and they pull the neck and shoulder forward into poor posture. Large breasts don’t fit well into the clothing size that is otherwise appropriate for body shape; they bulge out of tops or force a woman to wear clothing sizes too big for her frame. Large breasts are also objects of attention, and that isn’t something that many women appreciate.

How Breast Reduction Can Change Your Life

Breast reduction surgery falls into the category of cosmetic surgery. If you are living with excess weight on your chest – and a few too many eyes and your clothing choices feel limited, and your shoulders and neck are in pain at the end of almost every day, you know that having breast reduction surgery is only partially about looking “better.” In more cases than not, the reasons given for breast reduction surgery have little to do with wanting to feel more confident.

Having breast reduction can feel like a life-changing event. First and foremost, the body that is in proportion from top to bottom just looks better, and that can elevate your confidence. When the top of the body is proportionate to the midsection and bottom of the body, its shape is much easier to clothe. Finally, women who undergo breast reduction surgery often reflect on the new and improved way that their shape represents their personality and character.

Your body is your home for life. You deserve to feel comfortable in it. To learn more about breast reduction in San Antonio, call 210-227-3223.

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