Cases in Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Patient 13

November 30, 2016

Description: Amy is an active 22 year old student that lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Amy had wanted a Breast Augmentation for many years. She researched the Best Plastic Surgeons in San Antonio, Texas and was very impressed with Dr. Schaffer’s patient testimonials and his before and after photos. Amy was very surprised that at… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 14

November 9, 2018

Description:  Patient is 27 years old, 5’7″ and 126 pounds.  Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline implants filled to 550 cc using the transaxillary incision .

Breast Augmentation Patient 15

January 29, 2019

Description:  Patient is 5’4″ tall and 115 pounds wearing a 32 B bra.  Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline implants filled to 380 cc under the muscle with incision hidden in the armpit.

Breast Augmentation Patient 16

December 1, 2016

Description: Cassandra, from San Antonio Texas, has always wanted to enlarge the size of her breasts. After researching using google, she found Dr. Schaffer website and was impressed with his credentials and testimonials. Cassandra scheduled a consultation with Dr. Schaffer and reviewed her options of saline vs. silicone implants. Cassandra was so impressed with all… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 17

Description: Lori, a very active mother of 3 from New Braunfels, Texas wanted to have fuller breast after nursing her children. Lori is a very busy mom and had many questions regarding the recovery from a Saline Breast Augmentation. At her consultation, Dr. Schaffer answered all of her surgery questions and helped her decide on… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 18

Description: Jamie, a 46 year old from Kerrville TX, was referred to Dr. Schaffer from her family physician. She had desired larger breast for years and decided that now her children were grown it was time for her to do something for herself. Jamie came in for a consultation for breast augmentation and expressed that… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 19

Description: Amber, from Wimberley Texas, had wanted a breast augmentation for several years. After researching several doctors, Amber chose Dr. Schaffer. She was very impressed with his before and after pictures. During the consultation Dr Schaffer recommend a breast augmentation with saline implants. Amber selected an implant size of 325cc which would be most appropriate… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 20

Description: Tiffany, from Lubbock Texas, was referred to Dr. Schaffer from a family friend. During her consultation she expressed that she was unhappy with the appearance of her breast due to nursing four children. Dr. Schaffer thoroughly discussed her concerns and recommended a breast augmentation. Tiffany was able to try on different implants sizes. She… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 21

December 2, 2016

Description: Morgan, a 30 year old mom from San Antonio TX, had decided to have a breast augmentation. After researching and meeting other plastic surgeons Morgan came in for a consultation. During her visit with Dr. Schaffer she stated that she had breast fed her four children for over a year and was unhappy with… Read More »

Breast Augmentation Patient 22

Description: Jennifer, from Corpus Christi, Texas found out about Dr. Schaffer from a friend who had surgery done by him recently. She was able to see firsthand the results of Dr. Schaffer’s plastic surgery. Jennifer was so impressed with her friend’s results that she decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. Jennifer had some… Read More »

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