Breast Implants Remove and Replace Patient 9

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Oblique Left:

Description: Arizona, a yoga instructor from San Antonio, Texas consulted with Dr. Eric Schaffer about replacing her deflated right saline breast implant. Her implants ruptured about two years ago but due to her very busy schedule she has not taken the time to schedule surgery. Arizona had many questions about which type of implant she should use and she wanted to go with a bigger implant this time. As with many patients, Arizona has a congential deformity that her left nipple is displaced laterally. This condition can be improved by moving the nipple over on the breast but she did not wish to have this procedure. She decided to use 475 cc Silicone implants as her main concern was to replace the deflated implant and have larger breasts. Her recovery was very fast and she was back to work within a week. Arizona was very surprised how easy her Breast Implant Revision was with Dr. Schaffer and found his staff to be very helpful and pleasant.

Gender: Female

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