I found Dr. Schaffer after doing a lot of extensive searching online. I had never undergone surgery before, so I was very nervous and wanted to make sure the doctor I chose was the best of the best. After visiting several doctors in my area, I had a consultation with Dr. Schaffer and immediately knew he was the doctor for me! He was very insightful and explained all aspects of the surgery very thoroughly. I felt very comfortable discussing every detail of my breast augmentation and lift with him. He was very understanding and honest with me with every aspect of the surgery and my desired outcome, which is something I valued so highly. Additionally, he was very patient and most importantly, I did not feel rushed or as if he had somewhere he needed to be during my visits with him. (Other doctors I had previously visited were very quick and brief during my consultation which made me feel very uncomfortable.) Aside from his amazing credentials and experience, Dr. Schaffer provides amazing care and consideration to his patients! On the day of surgery I was very nervous and he made sure to discuss everything we had spoken about regarding the surgery and really put my nerves at ease. After surgery, I received calls from his staff asking how I was doing and letting me know that if I had any questions or concerns, Dr. Schaffer was always available to speak with me. With that said, I must also compliment his amazing staff. His staff is always very friendly and understanding with me. If I ever had a question, they were always very helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. It has been almost a year since my surgery and I am so thrilled with the outcome of my procedure! I continue to recommend Dr. Schaffer to any friends and family that are considering cosmetic surgery!

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