I was overseas when I first contacted Dr. Schaffer’s office. I knew something wasn’t right with my left breast as it was going off under my arm pit (I had breast augmentation 8 years ago) having been forced to wear men’s body armor in my job I must’ve caused some issues. I received an email back from Debbie saying as soon as I got back home to set up an appointment to see Dr. Schaffer.

I came home a few months later, called, got my appointment, within 2 weeks and my surgery a couple weeks later. Dr. Schaffer is the best! He informed me I had a tear in the pocket that he did repair on the left side and that was why my first implant was moving under my armpit. I was able to go bigger in size too which made me happier. The staff is great I would recommend him for any procedure or repair of any kind. He is truly the best I love how my Breast look and feel.

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