My experience with Dr. Schaffer from start to finish was very nice. Upon initial contact with his office, I found the ladies working there to be very professional and friendly. They all made me feel very comfortable when discussing details about such a private decision. Many, many, years ago I had above the muscle, silicone implants enhancement but only after one year I had them removed. This procedure involved a fairly large incision at the base of my breast. My decision to remove them was because of the early 90′s media health scare at the time. Unfortunately, when they removed them they had to also take out some of my natural breast tissue so my already small breasts were now even smaller. I barely filled a A cup and I eventually got fed up with not being able to fill a bra and/or complement an outfit. So, I started to think about getting this done and began my research. I was encouraged when looking into it from the start because I knew Saline was considered a lot safer than the Silicone and that there were newer, less invasive procedures available today. After at least a month’s worth of researching best BI surgeons in the area, over and over again, the Board Certfiied Dr. Schaffer kept coming up as the most credentialed and experienced. Article after article, he was recommended highly. In the end, I chose Dr. Schaffer confidently. I was very comfortable talking to Dr. Schaffer about my experience. He was always really nice and seemed to genuinely appreciate the result I was hoping to find with the more modern,Saline, through the armpit/under muscle procedure. When researching, I noticed the big debate between Silicone vs Saline. Primarily, the debate about which one “feels and looks” more natural. I’d like to point out that I am very happy with my choice to get Saline Implants (through the armpit under the muscle). I love my result. They are very comfortable and natural feeling. They felt that way pretty much from the first couple of weeks, but especially by post 2 months. I think they are a lot more natural feeling and looking then my Silicone result was. I have little barely noticeable scars under my armpits, that fade more and more everyday. They feel very soft and because they are placed under the muscle they don’t feel heavy like my Silicone implants did. My husband agrees with how natural they look and feel. In fact, he believes if we had met after this procedure he wouldn’t have thought they were implants. Well, I give Dr. Schaffer and his staff a A+ and a BIG THANK YOU. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone .

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