I have had three 9 lb children over a 6 year timespan so my abdominal muscles were completely destroyed. I had very low self-esteem and back problems that really hindered my life. So, after I had my last child I lost about 60 lbs and was ready for a much needed tummy tuck. I started researching plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area and began getting consultations for a tummy tuck. I had seen two previous surgeons that I was not impressed with and then I found Dr. Schaffer. I was very interested in having a consult with him after reviewing his website and finding out that he offers a military discount and free consultation. During our visit he explained everything and allowed me to ask any questions that I had. He was very pleasant and knowledgable. I felt very comfortable with selecting him as my surgeon. I booked my surgery that day. I was very impressed with him. His staff is also very nice and completely organized. They made sure that I knew everything before my surgery date including before and after care instructions. His staff also promptly answered my emails and phone calls even on the weekend after my surgery. They are awesome! I recommend Dr. Schaffer to all my friends and family. I am now 4 months post-op and I am so pleased with his work. If you are thinking about getting this procedure you should definitely select Dr. Schaffer you will not be disappointed!

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