My breasts developed unevenly and my right side was attached a bit lower on my chest than my left. I wanted to take the plunge and get breast implants in my early twenties but it wasn’t until recently (31 yrs old) that I was able to make my dream a reality. I was referred to Dr Eric Schaffer by my sister in law who had gotten breast implants with him as well. She was very happy with hers and felt very taken care of. I am happy to say my experience was the same. From the first moment I went into the office for my consultation the ladies up front were very kind and patient as I tried on various sizes and asked all my many questions. Dr Schaffer didn’t rush through our appointment and took the time to look at all my example pictures as I tried to express the vision I was going for. The day of surgery I was so nervous. I think going under anesthesia was the most worrisome part for me. Dr Schaffer helped keep me calm by telling me stories of his college days at Yale and his first patients there while he prepared me for surgery. I really appreciated his time. His bedside manner gave me more confidence in him and his abilities to take care of me while I was on his operating table. Now, my life is so different. I love the clothes I am wearing. Clothes that I always longed to wear but felt I couldn’t because I didn’t have the breasts to fill it out. I feel like my body finally looks proportionate. I have confidence to be sexy for myself and for my husband. My only regret is that I didn’t go bigger! If you are looking for a fantastic surgeon who does quality work and who will take good care of you, go to Dr Schaffer.

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