I wanted and needed to have my old (1983) breast implants removed an replaced. They had become so hard and mis-shapen that I was embarrassed to be seen, even by my husband, unless fully covered. Because of the protusions and bumps, all of my clothes, including my swimsuits, had high necklines. I began researching plastic surgeons. I found a few that looked promising but after interviewing the surgeons office managers, I didn t feel fully confident in the surgeons. I continued researching and found that Texas Monthly Magazine had honored Dr. Schaffer as a Texas Super Doctor . As I read about Dr. Schaffer I felt like he was the one . I then did a bit more research and found only favorable reports. I spoke with Debbie, Dr. Schaffer s office manager, a few days later. She was incredibly warm, caring, and professional; I felt completely comfortable and confident with her. I scheduled an appointment for a consult and to interview Dr. Schaffer. At my appointment, Dr. Schaffer was very sincere and addresed my surgery needs. He took the time to explain the procedures in detail. Dr. Schaffer wanted to hear all of my questions and concerns, so that he could speak to each and every one. The entire staff made sure I was comfortable throughout my procedure and my healing. If I had any questions, there was always someone available to answer them. Never once did I feel like I was simply just another patient. The entire staff is very professional and caring and I could not have asked for anything more. I am extremely pleased with the results from my surgery. I am no longer embarrassed; I can wear whatever I want and know I look great! On a side note, I drive a total of 5 to 6 hours (depending upon traffic) for my appointments with Dr. Schaffer. He is worth every moment on the road! Thank you Dr. Schaffer!

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