I spent many, many years considering (and fearing!) a breast reduction surgery and when I finally decided I could no longer live with the pain and disability of very large breasts, I spent several more years researching and visiting surgeons. When I met with Dr. Schaffer (the 6th doctor I had interviewed), I knew he was the right person. His credentials are impeccable and he spent more time with me than the others and instilled a sense of confidence in his skills. He didn’t dismiss my desire to be a much smaller size and listened to me intently. The staff (especially Debbie and Victoria) treated me like a person instead of a number (or a pain in the rear which I’m sure I was at times!), very patiently answering all of my questions and dealing with my sometimes irrational fears. I had some complications with my reduction but everything seems to be turning out okay (as Dr. Schaffer believed they would) and I am very happy with the results. He was great helping me deal with these issues and very closely monitored me as I healed. The best news is the pain in my upper back has diminished to the point of being non-existent and I also look fabulous! He is a gifted surgeon and true artist! Most importantly, I can go through life now without feeling the embarrassment and shame I had before. I lived way too many years suffering with this issue and Dr. Schaffer (and his staff) have changed my life immeasurably! I will always be grateful for them!

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