I have had several breast implant issues over the past 14 years..I am only 38, so that is ALOT to deal with, consisting of 4 saline implant ruptures.. After this 4th time, my friend recommeded Dr Schaffer and after having 6 consultants with other doctors in San Antonio, I decided to go with Dr Schaffer.. He was the only doctor who tried to discover why all these problems were happening to me and he gave me his HONEST opinion on what size and implant to finally decide on.. I have been totally happy and he has always made time for me, even on his day off, because I have such a hectic schedule.. Not to mention his staff, Debbie, has been awesome and totally caring and treats me like a person/friend- not just a procedure. I will always recommend Dr Schaffer and I have never felt so comfortable in my skin as I do now.. I have a natural look and no longer have to deal with hard-sore implants that look totally fake.. Thank you Dr Schaffer and your wonderful Staff!

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