Hello Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, and Victoria!

I hope this note finds you in the midst of the most deliciously delightful moments!

I simply want to touch base (because I miss all of you awesomely wonderful people!) to tell you not to give up on me I will be returning to continue on my laundry list of pick-me-ups; I simply need to hold myself back on some things so I can save for the bigger ones!

In the meantime, I want to share this with you: I just returned from New Braunfels, where I was babysitting my nieces. Upon arriving at my brother and his family’s home, my sister-in-law Sarah (who is fetchingly beautiful AND vehemently opposed to plastic surgery) complimented me on how good I looked to her, saying that I finally was at the ‘perfect weight’ (my weight has not changed) to affect my face in such a positive way. I was blown away! Coming from Sarah, who has NEVER complimented my appearance (it is not in her nature to do so), the comment was HUGE! My next ‘project’ on my list: my neck. I will call as soon as it is doable! I promise!!!
Love to all of you!

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