My husband and I researched every breast augmentation surgeon in San Antonio for six months before I made my decision, and without question, it was the wisest choice I could have made. We did not want the plastic, over-inflated look that we see in so many women, and when we saw page after page after page of Dr. Schaffer’s patients, whom we would not have known were augmented without the “before” pictures, we knew he was the surgeon for whom we were looking. I told him “I want to go as big as I can and still look natural.” The number he gave us (400 cc) was much bigger than we had been expecting, but we trusted him (and our judgment), and six months after the surgery, after everything had settled into place, my cup size is twice the size it was, and the look is incredibly natural. Four women at the gym where I work out have begged me for Dr. Schaffer’s contact information because they could not even tell I have received augmentation.

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