I woke up one morning three months ago with a red, swollen, right ear that progressed over the following months to a discrete and tender mass of 3 by 3 mm in size. It was so tender that I could not sleep on that side the entire time. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed chondritis nodularis of the helix and recommended I have the mass removed by an ENT doctor if the injections did not work. Instead I saw Dr. Schaffer who immediately made me feel comfortable and decided to to remove the small mass and scheduled me for surgery the next week in his office. With only local anesthesia, he removed the lesion and stitched it up with six stitches instead of the required two. When the anesthesia wore off, I expected a lot of pain: there was none. From that night on, i was able to sleep on that right ear. And , as far as cosmetics go, you can’t tell that I had surgery on that ear.

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