After 10 years of thinking about and wanting my breasts enlarged I found Dr Schaffer. I had been wanting to have the procedure done for myself and no one else. I didn’t want to go huge, just proportionate. I am approx 5’5″ and 128 lbs and depending on who measured me , a 32 AA-32A. With the help of Dr Schaffer, I am 4 months out and a nice 32-34 C. It was and is still the best thing I could have ever done for myself and Dr Schaffer is definately my “Knife in Shining Armor”. Now when my husband tells me, “I think this shirt, dress..whatever, would look good on you”, I don’t say, No it wont, because the top won’t fit me right”. I now say, ” Your right it would”. And they do! Not once did Dr Schaffer try to persuade me to get a particular size or style. It was my choice and he took the time to let me choose. Never did I feel I was being rushed in or out of either the procedure or my follow ups. Office staff was wonderful as well. THANK YOU DR SCHAFFER and Staff !!!

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