After 20 years, I finally got the courage to do a breast augmentation. I went to 3 different doctors. The first one was awful. I’ll call him Mr. Drive Thru. He was so quick to put sizers on me and kept telling me I needed to go bigger. I didn’t have time to take it all in and he made me feel ridiculous for thinking this was a big deal. He treated me like I was a number. My second appointment was with Dr. Schaffer. What a difference! He listened to me, ask me what I was trying to achieve, and gave me suggestions. He didn’t bother with the sizers. He said it would come later and he would recommend a size that would fit my proportions. My third appointment was awful again. I’ll call him Dr. 90210. Everyone in his office looked like Barbies and I felt so insecure. He literally spent about 7 minutes with me. He acted as if he could not be bothered. It was a horrible experience. Needless to say, Dr. Schaffer was my choice.

After another year of putting it off, I finally moved forward. Dr. Schaffer said I was a lift candidate, but I was borderline. I personally thought I needed one and paid for both the breast aug and lift. The morning of the operation, Dr. Schaffer told me that he could not guarantee me the lift. It would depend on how things looked after the implants. This really made me feel good. Any other Doctor might have taken advantage, especially since I had already paid. It was great to get beautiful results along with a big refund.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schaffer and his staff. Debbie keeps the front office running smoothly and they make quite a team. I absolutely love my results and I’m having a blast trying on bras and shirts. I always thought this would be something I only dreamed about.

Thank you, Dr. Schaffer, for making my dream a reality. If I had only visited the other 2, I can tell you I wouldn’t have had it done.

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