After 52 years of being unhappy with my small breast size, I researched, talked to people about experiences and results, then made my appointment with Dr. Schaffer. Dr. Schaffer put NO pressure on me to go larger than I was comfortable with. I’d been small all my life, and wanted a B cup. My body didn’t cooperate, and my first implants encapsulated. Dr. Schaffer spent alot of time with appointments and during a long second surgery. My daughters, mom, and even my fiance attend appointments with me. After two augmentations, I continue to be amazed and grateful for having such a top rate doctor! I love my looks, feel more confident, and find myself enjoying life so much more. I am thrilled when I look in the mirror and feel sexy. 🙂

Thank you Dr. Schaffer, for your expertise, knowledge, skill, and infinite patience in answering my questions. Thank you for having the absolute best office staff; you and the ladies in the office have the best attitudes, sense of humor, authentic concern, and always make time to address concerns.

So, now at 53, I daily look at myself and say “I love my boobs!

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