Is Juvederm®Xc or Botox® Better?

woman with clean skin in white fluffy sweaterEven with a good skin care regimen or routine, dermal fillers or injectables might be needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. These help slow and reverse many signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although healthy skin is essential to maintaining a radiant and youthful appearance, dermal fillers and injectables are a safe and effective way to help meet your goals. There are many types that address specific conditions and issues, but they can often be used together for a holistic approach to your aesthetic goals.

BOTOX® is possibly one of the most well-known of these aesthetic treatments. Although often considered a dermal filler, BOTOX® does not add much volume below the skin. Instead, the active ingredient of botulinum toxin blocks the signals that are sent to facial muscles to keep them from contracting and causing creases and lines from developing and deepening.

Juvederm®XC, on the other hand, is a true dermal filler that helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by adding volume below the skin—using hyaluronic acid (HA), which is already naturally produced by your body. HA draws in nearby water molecules to naturally and smoothly add volume. Juvederm®XC helps supplement the natural production of HA.

Although both can provide excellent results in reversing the signs of aging, neither provide permanent results. Whether you opt for BOTOX® or Juvederm®XC, repeat treatments will be required to maintain the same results. In general, Juvederm®XC lasts for about at least a year, while BOTOX® is around 4 months.

Though BOTOX® may initially require more frequent treatments to maintain the same results, many patients respond well enough that over time, the time can increase between each subsequent sessions as the facial muscles begin to atrophy.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Schaffer and his team have the experience and knowledge to know whether BOTOX® or Juvederm®XC, or both will best help you meet your aesthetic goals. Call the office in San Antonio, TX, at 210-227-3223 or visit to schedule a comprehensive consultation today.

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