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As a premier plastic surgery office in San Antonio, a great deal of our work involves helping people address the signs of aging. Part of this work is to correct the conditions that lead to symptoms such as lines and creases, jowls, flat cheeks, and more. One of the primary factors involved in these conditions is the loss of essential volume in the skin and superficial tissue. Volume loss on the face and hands results in a prematurely aged appearance. This can also occur when the lips are naturally thin and devoid of shape. Dr. Schaffer and our experienced staff are passionate about offering choices to our patients. While plastic surgery procedures can correct the various signs of aging, we also understand the immense value of non-surgical options and are proud to offer several proven strategies.

Lip Enhancement

Full, defined lips have always been in style. The development of multiple dermal filler products made it possible for adults of all ages to get lips that accentuate their faces without any downtime and with very few side effects. Today, lip augmentation using dermal fillers represents one of the most popular areas of aesthetic medicine. This approach to facial rejuvenation doesn’t focus on lines and wrinkles but on increasing the fullness in the body of the upper or lower lips. Lip injections may be positioned around the mouth, as well, to create more definition for lip liner and lipstick and to reduce the appearance of the fine vertical lines that can form at the border of the lips. Indirectly, dermal fillers can accentuate the mouth by correcting downturned corners. Lip enhancement takes only a few minutes per appointment and provides results that can last a year or longer. Treatment is easily tolerated due to the anesthetic that is formulated into most dermal filler products. With immediate results, patients have the power to achieve the perfect amount of increase to achieve their desired appearance.

Chin Augmentation

The width, contour, and projection of the chin have a massive impact on the overall shape and appearance of the face. Dr. Schaffer performs chin augmentation surgery to help patients achieve ideal lower face contouring when they require significant adjustments or when they want long-lasting results from a single procedure. Some people who are considering chin augmentation may prefer a more non-committal approach. We can do this with dermal fillers. Non-surgical chin augmentation offers subtler results than surgical implants. However, the use of injectables can give a person a good idea of how it might look and feel to have a more permanent solution. Conversely, injectable chin augmentation may achieve just the right amount of structure and definition to maintain satisfaction with one’s appearance. Without any downtime, the results of this treatment can last up to two years.


Juvéderm® is the original dermal filler, the first in the Juvéderm® line and still the most popular. Juvéderm® XC is made from hyaluronic acid, so it (along with all of the other Juvéderm® products) is classified as a natural filler. Juvéderm® XC is very versatile. It can be used on the widest group of lines and areas of volume loss.


Botox injections are made of botulinum toxin type A. In the 1950s scientists discovered that when the botulinum toxin was injected, in very minuscule amounts, into a muscle that it effectively paralyzed that muscle for a period of time, without any side effects. In its early days, Botox was used to treat involuntary muscle contractions such as involuntary eyelid spasms, TMJ disorder, and other muscle spasm conditions. More recently, Botox has been approved to treat migraine headaches and facial wrinkles.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most high-tech long-lasting hair removal option on the market. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with unwanted hair growth who has dark hair and light skin. People with lighter colored hair are not as ideal, as the laser targets melanin, which is found in significantly greater concentrations at the base of dark hairs. People with very dark or tan skin are not as ideal for laser hair removal as some of the laser energy can get absorbed by the skin pigmentation.

Skincare Products

We offer a variety of skincare products to help rejuvenate the skin.

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