Man's Fit Torso With Surgical Lines On His Body Before Operation.

Tummy Tuck Exclusively Designed for Men

Tummy tucks are not just for women. As a man, you can optimize the aesthetic cut of your midsection with abdominoplasty exclusively designed for men. No need to fear that your midsection will be feminized. Under the skillful care of Dr. Eric S. Schaffer, you can achieve a man’s-man’s tummy tuck. Tummy Tuck for Men… Read More »

Close-up of woman's Lips with Fashion pink Make-up

Thinning Lips? Here’s What You Can Do!

You spend enough time looking in the mirror to notice subtle changes in your appearance. You might notice a little spot here and there. You might see when those worry lines or frown lines start to etch themselves in your forehead. At some point, you may also notice that your lips don’t look as full… Read More »

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Tummy Tuck Scarring Questions Answered

The midsection is an area of the body that most people know can harbor more fat than we’d like. For some, loose abdominal tissue isn’t even about existing fat, but fat that has been eliminated via surgery or diet and exercise. The issue with the midsection is that the muscle and skin can stretch to… Read More »

Sexy blond woman wear beige lingerie

Now is a Great Time for That Mommy Makeover

Spring is about to come into full bloom. If you’ve been disheartened by what feels like a long season of not feeling your best, this is a great season to explore how that can change. Cosmetically, what many of our patients want is an all-around refresher for their bodies. Out with the old, in with… Read More »

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Breast Augmentation Q & A

Because breast augmentation is a leading plastic surgery procedure, patients sometimes forget to think of questions they may want to ask their surgeon before their day of treatment. When you’re not sure what to expect after surgery, your stress levels can be higher than they need to be. Here, we run through a brief Q&A… Read More »

Beautiful brunette woman posing in red lingerie, bodysuit.

What Makes You a Good Breast Augmentation Candidate?

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you’re one of many. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has pegged breast augmentation as the leading plastic surgery procedure for the last 20 years. Each year, 300,000 patients or more undergo this surgery. There may be a variety of reasons they do so, but the underlying desire of… Read More »

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Points of Interest in Your Abdominoplasty Journey

Loose, sagging abdominal tissue is nothing but a huge frustration. At least that’s what we hear from patients who visit us to discuss abdominoplasty. When the lower or entire abdominal area is protruding, loose, and droopy, it can be difficult to feel fully comfortable in most clothing. Rather than hide your shape, you can learn… Read More »

Are You Ready for These Mommy Makeover Benefits?

Women’s bodies go through a lot. The Mommy Makeover is a set of procedures that has been developed to address the changes that are often related to pregnancy and nursing. However, it should be understood that the breast and body procedures that are often involved in a customized Mommy Makeover process are suitable for all… Read More »

A close up of a woman's body wearing black pants and a floral tucked in blouse in front of a blue background

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

When seeking information regarding any treatment, it is important to speak with a board-certified professional. People interested in liposuction often skip that step. It is easy to find information online, so why spend the time in a doctor’s office talking face-to-face? There are several reasons. The most important one is that you are a unique… Read More »

With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.

Reach Your Body Contouring Goals More Easily

It takes a lot of dedication to reach any goal. The one that is the most common around this time of year is to lose weight. If you’re on the bandwagon, you might see an initial drop in pounds, clothing size, or both. These losses are critical for maintaining motivation. Over time, it can get… Read More »

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