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We’d all like to have chins like Matthew McConaughey or Scarlett Johansson, but most of us are blessed with less. And sometimes it can be enough less that it creates proportional issues with our overall facial balance. A recessed or weak chin can make our forehead look larger and mess up our profile.

Fortunately, Dr. Schaffer can perform chin augmentation for our San Antonio patients, giving them the strong chin they’ve always wanted.

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What is a Chin Implant or Chin Augmentation?

Chin implant surgery may be a perfect procedure for you if you desire a stronger chin. Chin augmentation surgery, also known as mentoplasty, can improve both your lateral profile and forward-facing appearance. It can reduce the appearance of a weak chin and excess neck skin while making a nose which might appear overly big, appear suddenly much more proportionate and balanced.

Dr. Eric Schaffer will perform a detailed confidential consultation with you in which he considers your facial features as well as your specific goals and desires. Options for improving the appearance of the chin/neck region which may be discussed with you include chin implants, osteotomy with bone advancement, soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, liposuction of the neck, either individually or in combination with each other.

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What facial concerns can a chin augmentation address?

It’s easy to overlook the chin when we’re considering issues with our face, instead usually focusing on our eyes, nose, and mouth. But our chin actually plays an important role in the proportions of our overall face. Of course, our chin is crucial to a strong profile, but there’s more to the story.

An overly small chin viewed in profile will make your nose look larger than it actually is. When looking at a person from the front, a short chin can make the upper face look top-heavy. Our chin is critical in setting up a balance between the neck and the face. While a weak chin is universally despised as connoting weakness, a strong chin is a tenet of beauty for both men and women.

Chin augmentation can even erase that double chin created by a recessed chin.

What are the benefits of having A chin Implant?

Sure, we’d all like to have movie star faces, but at least we can strive for proportionality. If you’re not saddled with a weak, thin, or recessed chin you may not understand — but having one can really make you hate the lower third of your face. These procedures can have a direct impact on a person’s self-confidence. It’s crazy what a couple of silicone implant shapes can do! Chin augmentation isn’t a showy procedure; its changes are subtle, yet substantial.

Who is a good candidate for chin augmentation?

We all have our own reasons for wanting to make changes in our appearance, be it a new hairstyle or a revised nose. If you’ve always hated your chin if you feel it’s overly weak, not wide enough, not tall enough, or whatever, that makes you a perfect candidate for chin augmentation with Dr. Schaffer. There is no set menu of why a person would want to add shape to his or her chin. It’s all about feeling good about your profile and the balance you see in your face.

You may feel that your chin isn’t strong enough to balance your lower face with your upper face. You may feel your chin is recessed and not very visible. You may feel your chin doesn’t create enough space between your mouth and lips and your jawline. Whatever your reasons, this could change all of them.

What to expect during your Chin Implant Procedure

Chin implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. If, after your consultation, a mentoplasty is determined to be beneficial for you, Dr. Schaffer will help select the best type for you. Chin implants can be inserted through small incisions inside the mouth or through small incisions hidden under the chin. Recovery is usually quick and involves only minimal discomfort. Most individuals will return to work in less than a week.

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Chin Implant Recovery Expectations

These are not difficult recoveries. Dr. Schaffer will prescribe pain medication, but most patients feel over-the-counter options are sufficient. If you have a desk job, you’ll likely be able to return to work within 7 days after your surgery. As the size of your chin has increased, the area will feel tight and there will be some swelling. This feeling of tightness will last about 2 weeks as the surrounding tissues adapt. Diligent use of a cold compress is very helpful.

You’ll need to sleep with your head elevated and with your face up for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks. This helps to control swelling and it protects your incisions (unless your implants were placed in the mouth). If you have mouth incisions, you’ll only be able to have a liquid diet for the first day or two after surgery. You’ll need to keep your sutures and the incision clean for the first few days, as well.

Strenuous exercise or jobs requiring physical labor can be resumed in 3 to 4 weeks depending on your healing. Dr. Schaffer will see you during your recovery and will green light return to this type of work or activity.

Combining Chin Augmentation With Liposuction

Liposuction, alone or in combination with one of the other enhancement techniques, can improve the definition of the jawline. By accentuating the angle between the vertical part of the neck with the horizontal portion under the chin, liposuction can make the jaw and chin appear more prominent. Recovery is rapid and discomfort is usually minimal.

Combining a Chin Implant with Juvederm

When a smaller degree of chin enhancement is desired, the injection of a filler such as Juvederm or Radiesse can be utilized. This is performed as an in-office procedure without the need for anesthesia. The downtime is usually minimal if any.

Juvederm/Radiesse Chin Implant Results

doctor in pink gloves injecting dermal filler into patient's chin for augmentationThe results of Juvederm/Radiesse chin augmentation may last from 1-3 years. One advantage of this technique is that additional filler can gradually be added over time. This allows for a great degree of flexibility and fine-tuning of the final result. Moreover, the gradual changes in your appearance may be less perceptible to other individuals.

In any event, Dr. Schaffer is happy to guide you through these various options to help you achieve your goals.

What are the side effects of having chin augmentation done with dermal fillers?

Dr. Schaffer feels surgical chin augmentation is far superior to augmentation with dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. First, dermal fillers last from 9-12 months in the chin area. That means you’ll need to keep having your chin augmented time after time for as long as you want to keep your results. Also, it can take a large amount of filler volume to change your chin in the way you seek, and that can be expensive, especially since you’re doing it every 9-12 months.

Chin augmentation using silicone or Gore-Tex implants is permanent. Your chin will be stronger and more proportional to the rest of your face for the rest of your life. The implants placed by Dr. Schaffer don’t shift or move, making your results predictable and confidence-boosting for decades to come.

What our Patients have to say

Dr. Schaffer is honestly such a perfectionist, he takes his time listening to what it is exactly that I feel needs to be addressed. The results always exceed my expectations!“- M.

I researched plastic surgeons for several years and when I was ready I knew exactly who I was going with. Dr. Eric Schaffer was highly recommended to me by several friends. He is very educated and his bedside manner is exceptional. He and his staff are very professional and helpful. I am very pleased with my results. He is a perfectionist. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Schaffer. K.

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