Breast Implant Removal

Many breast implants have been inserted into women over the last 60 years. The immense popularity of breast augmentation has been in large part, due to the very high level of patient satisfaction with the procedure and the safety of the procedure. The patients usually love the way they look, and as a result, often have improved self-esteem. With such a great number of people who have had breast implants for so many years, it is no surprise that a small number of individuals would desire to have them removed.

Reasons for breast implant removal include being unhappy with breasts that have become too large because of weight gain, no longer feeling the need for larger breasts, not wanting to worry about the possibility of needing future surgeries at an older age, having medical conditions, and wanting to be able to focus exclusively on these issues (and not worry about breast implants) or just being “over” or done with implants.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Eric Schaffer will help. Breast implant removal is usually a relatively short, safe procedure and easy to recover from. Breast implants will often be removed through the original implantation incision or if advantageous, through another alternative incision. The implants may be removed by themselves or if desired, with the associated capsular scar tissues that always forms around each implant.

The main reason for a capsulectomy (capsular excision ) is to remove a capsule which has become extremely calcified. Calcification is more common with old silicone implants. Calcified capsules may interfere with future breast examinations. Another reason for removing a breast implant capsule is if a patient has had textured surface implants. A textured surface capsule may be responsible for the development of a cancerous tumor known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). The removal of this capsule type may

 decrease the incidence of ALCL development. Another reason for having the capsule excised is that the patient “just wants it removed.” Note, the capsule is not part of the implant, but rather part of the body’s own scar tissue. One further reason for implant removal with capsulectomy is that the patient may have a medical condition or is just not feeling well and is concerned about the possible role that the implant may have in their condition. This has been termed by some as breast implant associated illness. In thesesituations, the capsule will be sent for biopsy and analysis as well as a variety of cultures such as bacterial, fungal (mold), or mycobacterial.

Dr. Eric Schaffer will be happy to discuss your situation with you and help you arrive at a course of action that best suits your needs. Call 210-227-3223 to set up your informative consultation with Dr. Schaffer.

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