Arm Lift

What is an Arm Lift?

Patients frequently seek refinement of their upper arms from BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON Dr. Eric Schaffer who has been recognized numerous times as a national TOP DOCTOR and Texas monthly SUPER DOCTOR.

Significant weight loss can leave the underpart of your upper arm loose and saggy and create an underarm flap or batwing. Aging, chronic sunlight exposure, frequent weight changes, or any condition resulting in a loss of skin elasticity can cause sagging upper arm skin. You may have an excess amount of fatty tissue in the upper arm even after massive weight loss. Some people have no flabby, excess skin, but are unhappy because of the overall girth and thickness of the upper arm.

Body Contouring of the Upper Arm

Brachioplasty is a term that refers to plastic surgery correction of the upper arm contour. Traditionally, brachioplasty involves excision of excess skin and fat of the arm with the typical incision along the upper inner arm (full brachioplasty) or less commonly with a limited incision confined to the armpit area (limited brachioplasty). These procedures may be combined with liposuction. Full brachioplasty is more effective for removal of significant amounts of skin but the trade-off is that it leaves a noticeable, often prominent scar in a highly visible portion of the arm.

The Consultation: Brachioplasty Options

During your confidential informative consultation, Dr. Eric Schaffer will thoroughly discuss with you the risks, benefits, and trade-offs involved in a full brachioplasty. Alternative procedures such as a limited (axillary/armpit) brachioplasty or liposuction (alone or combined) and their roles will also be discussed with you. Liposuction by itself is useful only if there is too much fatty tissue and the skin tone is reasonably good; whereas limited brachioplasty alone can be useful to correct minor amounts of skin laxity. If combined together, liposuction and axillary brachioplasty can reduce the thickness of your upper arm, tighten your skin, and result in an overall contour improvement of your upper arm. Depending upon your condition, as well as your goals and desires, BOARD CERTIFIED COSMETIC SURGEON Dr. Eric Schaffer will design a plan to help you achieve your goals.

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