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Throughout the several years that Dr. Schaffer has been conducting breast surgeries in San Antonio, his reputation has become well-known. Patients visit our practice from other states and countries to undergo breast enhancement from one of the nation’s top physicians. Breast enhancement often involves first-time augmentation using breast implants. In some cases, what patients seek is a correction from previous breast surgery. In either situation, our intent is to achieve results that lead to complete satisfaction.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are fixtures that are inserted beneath the skin or muscle to fill out the shape of the breasts. There are several models of breast implants from which to choose. In general, implants fall into the category of saline types and silicone types.

Reasons For Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants removal or replacement may be performed for a number of reasons, including:

  • Overall dissatisfaction with how the breasts look. A woman may decide for personal reasons that she no longer likes the size of her breasts. In this situation, we have seen immense satisfaction among women who downsize their implants or remove them altogether.
  • Implant defect. Common implant defects include folding, deflation, and rupture. Depending on the extent of the defect, a woman may experience discomfort, limited range of motion in her arms, or emotional upset about her appearance.
  • Asymmetry. Breasts are naturally somewhat uneven. Situations such as aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding may significantly affect breast shape in a negative way. Corrective surgery can restore the natural shape and appearance of the breasts.
  • Health complications. Infection, tissue death, or general implant displacement are, fortunately, uncommon. If symptoms occur after breast augmentation, consultation with an experienced surgeon can resolve the issue while also preserving breast shape as much as possible.

Candidates for Implant Removal

Most women who desire revision breast surgery are good candidates. Like the initial procedure, it is necessary to be in good general health, commit to stopping smoking for the duration of recovery, and have realistic expectations of what is possible based on the particulars of your situation.

The Breast Implant Remove and Replace Procedure

Breast surgeries are performed in an outpatient surgical center. General sedation is administered before surgery begins. Dr. Schaffer typically follows the same incision line from the previous breast surgery to conduct removal or replacement. This way, no new scarring develops.
If a breast implant removal is selected, implants are removed through the small incisions. Corrections to nipple placement, general breast shape, or leakage may be made if needed before incisions are closed.
During breast implant exchange, implants are removed through the existing incision site. The breasts are then evaluated for necessary corrections such as sagging or leakage. After corrections are made, new implants are inserted and incisions are closed.

Breast Implant Remove and Replace Before And after


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Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Patient Testimonial

“Let me explain to you why Dr. Schaffer is always excited to see me! I call him (The doctor’s Dr.) After many extensive breast augmentation and repairs no other doctor should have been willing to touch me for fear they would cause more damage! But one doctor did and I paid a small fortune and ended up so depressed because my self-esteem was lower than I could ever imagine! Dr. Schaffer was my last hope! Believe me when I tell you he did not leave the OR until he knew I would be completely satisfied with his work! I do believe I was his most challenging surgery! But he exceeded my expectations! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You.”

Breast Implant Replacement FAQs:

Do Breast Implants Need To Be Replaced or Can They Just Be Removed?

The final outcome of revision breast surgery may depend somewhat on several factors, including the size of breast implants that you currently have. Our intent is to accommodate your preferences and also meet your expectations for shape and fullness.
It is possible to remove breast implants altogether. Depending on breast implant size and the condition of natural breast tissue and skin, Dr. Schaffer may recommend a breast lift to achieve the most attractive results.

How Will My Breasts Look After Implant Removal?

The goal of breast implant removal or replacement is to achieve results that look natural and symmetrical. During the consultation visit, Dr. Schaffer provides his best prediction of results based on your personal preferences. Before revision surgery, you will know whether or not a lift may be necessary to ensure that your breasts look as perky and firm as possible with smaller implants or no implants at all.

Will My Breasts Look Saggy if I Remove My Breast Implants?

Breast implant replacement isn’t the only option you might consider if you’re unhappy with your current breast implants. In recent years, for many reasons, women have been choosing to have their breast implants removed altogether. During your consultation for revision breast surgery, Dr. Schaffer will listen to your preferences and also perform a careful examination of your natural breast tissue. If this tissue is firm and shows good elasticity, there is a good chance that it may retract into a satisfying shape over the breast mound without further care. Keep in mind that this can take several weeks or months to complete. You may choose to forego a breast lift, the procedure that can correct sagging tissue, because you want to avoid the additional scars that this surgery would incur. Like breast augmentation, your breast implant removal is performed to your preferences and needs. You can always return at a later time for a breast lift if you feel unhappy with the overall shape or perkiness of your breasts after your implants are removed.

How Long will it Take My Breasts to Settle After Implant Removal?

When you had breast augmentation surgery, you may have heard the term “fluffing.” This is how people describe the way that tissue naturally softens as swelling decreases. Tissue firmness and swelling are also natural after having breast implants removed. This may be even more so if you combine your explant with a breast lift. Depending on your natural tissue characteristics, which can be affected by your age and the size of the breast implants you had, you might notice some dramatic changes in breast shape during the six to eight weeks after having your breast implants removed. While late-stage changes are more subtle, it can take up to one year for your final surgical outcome to be noticed.

When Can I Resume Normal Activity after Breast Implant Removal?

Your recovery after breast implant removal isn’t much unlike that of breast augmentation, even if you don’t have a breast lift. Initially, you will be advised to walk for a few minutes a few times a day. This helps move blood out of the legs and can also help prevent or reduce constipation after surgery. You may be able to go back to work within five to seven days. However, you will have a few activity restrictions. After breast implant removal, you cannot lift objects that weigh more than about 10 pounds. You will need to avoid elevating your heart rate significantly, so no running or strenuous physical activity for at least a month. In general, we expect that you’ll receive clearance to resume most if not all of your normal activity, including most forms of exercise, six weeks after breast implant removal.

How Soon After Breast Augmentation can I Get Breast Implant Revision?

It’s not uncommon for patients to feel that their breasts aren’t the shape they expected right after surgery. It’s important to anticipate some lapse in time between surgery and your final cosmetic outcome. Due to swelling and tissue inflammation, the “dropping and fluffing” stage of surgical recovery can take up to 12 weeks. For this reason, most surgeons advise waiting at least this long before seeking revision breast surgery. In fact, you may benefit from waiting up to six months before scheduling a consultation to discuss revision surgery. This allows sufficient time for your body to heal completely after breast augmentation and for you to fully assess how you feel about your new breast shape. During your consultation for breast implant replacement or removal, Dr. Schaffer will examine all aspects of your case, starting with your concerns.

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Recovery

Patients can expect to feel more tired than usual for a few days after breast surgery. Within a week, physical energy should be nearly back to normal. The initial 2 to 3 days of recovery is when discomfort is most intense. Prescription pain medications may be taken to maintain comfort. In addition to soreness or tenderness, side effects like nipple numbness may occur. As nerve endings reattach, patients may feel a burning sensation in the nipple area. This can go on for several weeks. In general, the breasts may be sensitive to touch for several weeks. Swelling subsides gradually over 4 to 6 weeks, and incision scars fade over several months.
We provide post-operative instructions that detail how to care for incisions and when various activities can be resumed. A member of our staff can assist you if questions arise after your breast surgery.

Implant Removal & Replacement Consultation with Dr. Schaffer

Consulting with a surgeon regarding revision breast surgery can feel stressful. We seek to create a safe environment for our patients in which their needs and concerns can be adequately addressed. During the consultation for breast implant removal or replacement, our objectives include:

  • Understanding your previous surgery and current surgical goals
  • Becoming acquainted with your general health and lifestyle habits, including tobacco and alcohol use, vitamin and supplement use, and whether or not you may be pregnant.

During this visit, patients may expect a full discussion and evaluation of their health status, including pre-existing health conditions. Photographs are taken and a full breast exam is performed. Treatment options are discussed, including the predicted outcome of proposed surgery.

Risks of Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

The risks of breast implant removal and replacement are very similar to those associated with breast augmentation and other surgeries. These include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Poor incision healing/scarring
  • Fluid or blood accumulation
  • Asymmetrical results

We are committed to making sure our patients are well-informed about all aspects of their surgery and discuss risks in detail during consultation appointments.

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Breast implant surgery is one of the leading and most satisfying procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery. Still, there are instances in which some women choose to revise their initial results. Breast implant removal or replacement requires attention to detail, clear communication, and extensive experience. Dr. Schaffer is known for all this these characteristics and more. To learn more about modifying the shape of your breasts, schedule a consultation in our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223.

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