Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX

Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX

Weight loss is a massive undertaking, especially if you have held onto dozens of extra pounds for many years. To achieve a healthier weight, many people turn to bariatric surgery, a procedure that restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold at one time. Whether your path involved bariatric surgery or you achieved your weight loss through completely natural means, you’ll now be dealing with an abundance of loose, sagging skin.

The presence of deflated tissue can conceal the true outcome of your weight loss. It can also make it uncomfortable to exercise and maintain your healthy lifestyle. The right plastic surgery techniques can help.

If you would like to enjoy your very best body after reaching your ideal weight, contact our San Antonio office at  210-227-3223 to explore our various body contouring procedures.

What is Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery?

Post-bariatric cosmetic surgery is a category of procedures that are designed to sculpt the body back into slimmer, younger-looking form. The term is a bit of an anomaly; post-bariatric body contouring may also help those who have lost 100 pounds or more via diet and exercise. The focus of care is to remove the excess tissue and skin left behind after losing weight. The removal of redundant tissue can help you fully reclaim your natural, attractive shape.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery?

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may be an excellent candidate for one or more body contouring procedures. Whether you have lost weight via bariatric surgery or traditional means, chances are you have established healthy lifestyle habits to support your weight. This is an essential aspect of being a good candidate for plastic surgery. First, your healthy eating habits will support your body through its recovery process. Second, they will support your long-term cosmetic results achieved through surgery!

Plastic surgery procedures, especially for massive weight loss, are complex. It is imperative that you are in good physical and emotional health, that you do not smoke, and that you understand the doctor’s recommendations and expectations for your surgical outcome.

Can I Combine Procedures for My Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery?

It is very common to combine body contouring procedures after significant weight loss. During your consultation, you and Dr. Schaffer can discuss your overall goals for your appearance. His examination will identify the degree of laxity that exists in affected areas, thus guiding his development of your unique treatment plan. While it isn’t always possible to address all concerns in a single surgery, we do so as often as possible.

Will the Results of my Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery Look Natural?

Dr. Eric Schaffer has helped a number of patients achieve remarkable improvements in body shape after significant weight loss. Your surgery will be handled with the utmost care to precisely lift and contour the areas of focus. Right down to placing incisions in the most inconspicuous areas possible, Dr. Schaffer attends to the tiniest details to achieve results that look completely natural.

How Soon After My Surgery Will I See Results?

Because massive weight loss can result in inches of redundant skin and sagging tissue, you can expect to see the results of your lift procedures right away after surgery. Initially, the surgical areas will be obscured by bandages, compression garments, and swelling. Swelling generally subsides a great deal in the two to twelve weeks after surgery. That said, your tissue may continue to settle for several months, giving you more to look forward to.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as a Brachioplasty is surgery to remove loose or hanging skin that can develop on the underside of the upper arm. This skin can start to hang as a result of aging, extreme changes in weight, chronic sunlight exposure, or any condition resulting in a loss of skin elasticity. Patients can also undergo an arm lift when they have no excess skin but are unhappy because of the overall girth and thickness of the upper arm. Read more about the arm lift procedure. »

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is the tummy-tightening procedure commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. This cosmetic surgery removes excess tissue that sags across the midsection and, in some cases, around the sides. This gives a more sculpted silhouette for the man or woman wanting the procedure. Read more about the tummy tuck procedure. »

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a surgical procedure, also known as mastopexy, that lifts and reshapes sagging breasts in order to re-create or improve their former appearance. There are many reasons that breasts may begin to lose their shape and firmness. Age, gravity, dramatic weight loss, or pregnancy and breastfeeding are just some. In these cases, patients may look to get a breast lift. Read more about the breast lift procedure. »

Back Lift

Check back soon for more information!

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