Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the most high-tech long lasting hair removal option on the market. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with unwanted hair growth who has dark hair and light skin. People with lighter colored hair are not as ideal, as the laser targets melanin, which is found in significantly greater concentrations at the base of dark hairs. People with very dark or tan skin are not as ideal for laser hair removal as some of the laser energy can get absorbed by the skin pigmentation.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure


The laser emits an invisible pulsed light that is absorbed by the dark pigment at an area at the base of the hair follicle known as the bulge. This causes the base of the hair follicle to heat up and the heat destroys the hair. Hair naturally goes through three phases of growth: growth phase (anagen), resting phase (catagen) and shedding phase (telogen). In any area in which hair grows, there will be some hairs in each of the three phases. During the growth phase, anagen, the bulge at the base of the hair follicle enlarges. This area has the greatest concentration of the pigment melanin.

When the bulge is larger, more laser light is absorbed by the melanin. This results in more heating at the base of the hair follicle which results in more effective removal of the hair. This explains why multiple sessions of laser hair removal are necessary to remove most of the hair; only the actively growing hair can be targeted and removed when those bulges are filled with the dark melanin pigment. Once the dormant or sleeping hairs begin their growth cycle, they too can be treated with laser hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal Uncomfortable?

Most of our patients that use the Lumenis LightSheer Duet hair removal laser experience little discomfort with the larger hand piece which is used for larger areas. With the small hand piece, there is a little more discomfort which is similar to the sensation caused by a rubber band snapping against your skin. We will often apply topical numbing medication to the skin prior to using this hand piece so that you will have the most comfortable possible experience.

popular areas treated with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the ideal method for treating large areas of the body because it targets multiple hair follicles at a time. By contrast, electrolysis treats only a single hair at a time. Laser hair removal treatments may take anywhere from a matter of minutes up to an hour depending upon the size of the treatment area. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet laser has two separate sized laser heads making it ideal for treating and refining smaller areas such as the lip, chin, sideburn and pubic areas as well as treating larger areas such as the legs, arms, armpits, back and neck quickly with relatively little discomfort.

The lips, chin, sideburns, pubic areas and armpits are extremely popular. Arms and legs are favorites with both female and male patients, and, of course, the back, chest and abdomen are also frequently requested by our male patients.

How many sessions of laser hair removal will be needed?

Generally, three to six sessions will effectively obliterate most of the unwanted hairs. This can vary from one person to another depending upon your skin and hair type. There is the occasional patient who is relatively more resistant to laser hair removal. If successful, the hairs that are destroyed by the laser will not come back. Hairs which are not growing at the time of the treatment will not be affected by laser hair removal.

laser hair removal Recovery

There may be some minimal soreness and redness, which usually resolves after a few hours. This is a similar sensation to what one would experience with a very mild sunburn. Sun exposure should be limited for a period of one to several weeks depending upon your skin type.

Laser hair removal pricing

FACE: Upper lip $49, chin $49, nose $49, ears $49, beard $199, cheeks $69, mid brow $49, forehead $49 plus, ladies sideburns $99, posterior neck $85, anterior neck $99.

ARMS: Underarms $69, arms $150, hands $79.

LEGS: Legs upper $269, lower $180, bikini regular $109, extended $139, feet $79.

TORSO: Back upper $199, lower $199, chest $199, abdomen $199, shoulders $99.

Patients who have had cosmetic surgery with Dr. Schaffer will receive discounts for laser hair removal.

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