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San Antonio Nonsurgical Cosmetic Enhancement - Botox

Not everyone needs surgery or wants it! Today, you have choices available to you which can make you look more youthful without surgery, discomfort or any downtime. BOTOX is an injectable material which can prevent overactive muscles from causing annoying facial lines. You will find that BOTOX is especially useful in erasing horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines between the brows, and laugh lines (crow’ s feet) at the comer of your eyes. BOTOX administration is so simple, quick and nearly painless that it can be performed during a coffee break. The results of BOTOX, although often spectacular, develop gradually over a period of weeks or months so that your treatment will not usually be obvious to others. Comments often heard include “You look great – getting more sleep? Been on vacation?” Various injectable fillers such as COLLAGEN, RESTYLANE or RADIESSE are now available to plump up your facial contours and fill in your unwanted lines. These quick office procedures with lime downtime are becoming more popular each day.

Other enhancements that Dr. Schaffer offers include: SPIDER VEIN REMOVAL, LASER HAIR REMOVAL for long-term removal of your unwanted or embarrassing hair and LASER SKIN RESURFACING for nonsurgical tightening and smoothing of your skin. LASER SKIN RESURFACING can result in truly dramatic improvement in your skin texture, pigmentation spots, wrinkles, glow and tone. The benefit-you can regain a natural, youthful, healthy appearance without any surgery. New procedures, materials and techniques are constantly being developed and put into practice.