Where do I even begin? Dr. Schaffer was the best choice for my upper and lower blepharoplasty, hands down. There are people out there who say it’s best to go to an oculoplastic surgeon for this type of surgery so choosing someone who doesn’t specialize solely in eyes didn’t come easily at first. However, seeing… Read More »


Chillest & coolest guy ever. He takes his time with you & isn’t pushy like other plastic surgeons tend to be. I felt 1000% comfortable surgery morning knowing I was going to be safe & happy with my results but that would be an understatement. 3 Years later & I can say it was the… Read More »


I’m a physician in San Antonio for the past 20+ years. One of the good fortunes of being a physician is having inside knowledge of the specialists who are the best in their field. In the specialty of plastic surgery, Dr. Eric Schaffer is at the very top. He is well-respected by his peers for… Read More »


I recently had a breast augmentation done and I LOVE IT! I would recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone and everyone! He made me feel so comfortable and answered any questions I had. I used to feel so self conscious about my chest but now I feel comfortable wearing anything. Best decision I’ve ever made!


Meeting Dr. Schaffer has changed my life. I’ve always wanted to have breast augmentation done but kept putting it off. The time finally felt perfect and I’m so grateful I ended up meeting Dr Schaffer! The consultation was so helpful and answered every single one of my questions. I immediately felt comfortable and confident in… Read More »


I researched plastic surgeons for several years and when I was ready I knew exactly who I was going with. Dr. Eric Schaffer was highly recommended to me by several friends. He is very educated and his bedside manner is exceptional. He and his staff are very professional and helpful. I am very pleased with… Read More »


I woke up one morning three months ago with a red, swollen, right ear that progressed over the following months to a discrete and tender mass of 3 by 3 mm in size. It was so tender that I could not sleep on that side the entire time. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed chondritis… Read More »


Doctor Schaffer AND his staff are literally perfect. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety, but doctor Shaffer made me feel so calm and relaxed. He was so professional with everything. I had a breast augmentation and liposuction of the neck. I was also going to do a breast lift but Dr. Schaffer decided not to,… Read More »


Had a consult with Dr. Schaffer. I can’t believe how much time he spent with me. The office staff was wonderful and answered all of my questions! I highly recommend this office!


Let me explain to you why Dr. Schaffer is always excited to see me! I call him (The doctor’s Dr.) After many extensive breast augmentation and repairs no other doctor should have been willing to touch me for fear they would cause more damage! But one doctor did and I paid a small fortune and… Read More »

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