I was very hesitant to undergo plastic surgery. I researched many doctors online, talked to friends and my sisters, and chose Dr. Schaffer. To say that I am very pleased with the results is an understatement. Dr. Schaffer took to time to answer all my questions prior to the surgery. He explained what to expect […]


I have had three 9 lb children over a 6 year timespan so my abdominal muscles were completely destroyed. I had very low self-esteem and back problems that really hindered my life. So, after I had my last child I lost about 60 lbs and was ready for a much needed tummy tuck. I started […]


I couldn’t be happier with my tummy tuck results, Dr. Schaffer was definitely the best choice for me! I researched the procedure for over a year and was prepared for the scar, but after just 3 weeks my scar looked better than pictures most women posted on the internet 3 months out. I am now […]


I recently got really involved in the fitness world and absolutely fell in love with it. The only problem was–my breasts were the first fat to vanish! I became depressed and really unhappy with them. I could perfect so much of my body but there was nothing I could do about it! I knew right […]


Dr. Schaffer did a GREAT job on my breast augmentation. I am very pleased with the results. Shopping for tops is much more fun than it used to be. I went from a 34A to a 34D and it has made a huge difference in my appearance. I love my new look! Dr. Schaffer also […]


Debbie, Please tell Dr. Schaffer he did a wonderful job on my child!!! I appreciate him so much and my child loves him dearly. She is the most happiest person I have seen in along time. Praise God for him and you all!! You all are the best people! Now I certainly want mine done! […]


Dr. Schaffer is not only an expert physician, he is also an expert physical artist. I met Dr. Schaffer after having a bilateral mastectomy. He had to work from scratch. He literally had a chest that was flat with two zipper like scars. He expertly had me go through several procedures to inflate the breast, […]


I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr. Schaffer and was extremely pleased with both the results and the time and attention given to me by Dr. Schaffer and his staff. He took the time to explain the options, the procedure and the expectations of my procedure. The results were very natural looking and I am […]


During my initial consultation with Dr. Schaffer he immediately made me feel comfortable enough to ask him all the questions that I desired. He went into deep detail about the procedure and made sure to cover all the basics. This made me feel confident in his ability to give me the desired look I was […]


Dr. Schaffer has all the qualities one would want when seeking a plastic surgeon. He intently listened to my desires and ooncerns, he analyzed the issues presented from both a doctor’s perspective and an artist’s perspective, he told me the truth and he informed me on what to expect, he was compasstionate and his results […]

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