Reach Your Body Contouring Goals More Easily

With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.It takes a lot of dedication to reach any goal. The one that is the most common around this time of year is to lose weight. If you’re on the bandwagon, you might see an initial drop in pounds, clothing size, or both. These losses are critical for maintaining motivation. Over time, it can get frustrating to continue with the healthy habits you’ve implemented if you’re not seeing the results you expected. It is not uncommon for people to hit a plateau at some point in their weight loss journey. If you see this happen, there are a few things you can do.

Get Support

Body contouring is sometimes a job for the pros. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it could be advantageous to hire a personal trainer. Even people who work out several days a week on their own may be unfamiliar with the vast options they have for different exercises. A personal trainer does, though, and they know how to customize workouts to each client’s body and goals. Let’s face it, we all tend to work a little harder when we have an accountability partner. A personal trainer is that and more. Another option for support could be to join a workout class or group, preferably one that involves both cardio and strength building.

Get Liposuction

A plastic surgeon is another professional that can help you address the issue of stubborn fat that is keeping you from reaching your goal. If you are close to the weight you want to be but have an area or two in which fat persists, liposuction could be ideal. This minimally-invasive procedure is designed to sculpt areas like the thighs, hips, abdomen, even the neck or chin. Contrary to what some people believe, it is not designed for weight loss. Performed with local or general anesthesia and a small cannula (hollow tube), liposuction may take less than an hour. Patients are home the same day and are often ready to go back to work within a week.

Being close to your cosmetic goal and struggling to cross that finish line can be deflating. We’re here to help. Contact our San Antonio office at 210-227-FACE to schedule a body contouring consultation with Dr. Schaffer.

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