Strategies to Lift a Saggy Tush

Regardless of the current admiration society seems to have for the contoured rear-end, having a saggy, flat tush can be a real downer. Without adequate cushioning on the buttocks, the proportions of the body get thrown off. Clothes can be difficult to fit when you can’t fill them out. Here, we discuss why the derrière may look dumpy and what you can do to add some bounce to your backside.

Body Contouring: What Goes Wrong?

The reason why the rump looks rounded and full is that the body tends to have a knack for distributing fat nicely amongst muscle and connective tissue. The gluteus maximus is the primary muscle of the buttocks and the one that gives tone and shape to this part of the body. Fat lies over the muscle, adding volume and roundness. Above fat cells is connective tissue that holds them in place. Sagging may occur when fatty tissue or muscle tone diminishes. With too little fat, the skin on the buttocks looks saggy and deflated. With too little muscle tone, the fat that is there hangs lower on the back side.

Lifestyle Solutions

Can you squat your way to great glutes? Maybe! One of the first things that experts recommend for building out a beautiful backside is to implement lifestyle strategies. The primary approach may be different depending on your needs. For some people, weight loss is necessary to correct a flabby or uneven appearance. However, weight loss and management can only do so much. Remember, muscle tone also contributes to structure. That’s where all those squats come in. Exercise needs to be well-rounded, even when the goal is to round out the backside. Add lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, and hip-abduction movements to your weekly workout routine to achieve and maintain the supportive structure.

Adding the Final Touch

There are situations in which the backside needs a little more help than what can be attained with exercise and healthy living. San Antonio cosmetic surgeon Dr. Schaffer performs back and buttock lift procedures, liposuction, and thigh lift surgery as needed to address excessively loose tissue that contributes to a saggy appearance.

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