Upper vs. Lower Back Lift: Which Procedure Is Right For You?

*model-not an actual patient

*model-not an actual patient

After major weight loss, it’s common to experience some loose skin on various areas of the body. This may leave you feeling self-conscious or discouraged. Dr. Eric S. Schaffer provides body procedures to help lift areas that have developed loose skin, such as the upper and lower back. An upper or lower back lift can remove excess skin, reveal your new figure, and enhance your confidence.

What Is an Upper and Lower Back Lift?

Upper and lower back lift procedures address post-weight loss loose skin, but each, by design, tackles separate areas of the body and offers distinct benefits.

Upper Back Lifts

Upper back lifts target folds around the mid-to-upper back. With this procedure, Dr. Schaffer uses strategically placed incisions on the back or armpits to access and remove excess skin. You can also combine this procedure with a breast or arm lift to enhance your results further.

With an upper back lift, you can achieve a smoother, more defined back, allowing clothing to drape more naturally over your form to create a more refined silhouette. Upper back lifts generally require only a few days of hospital care, with a total recovery period of four to six weeks.

Lower Back Lifts

Lower Back Lifts include loose skin around the hips, buttocks, and lower back. This procedure is often performed with a tummy tuck for more extensive body sculpting results.

When you opt for a lower back lift, Dr. Schaffer will tighten the skin around the hips and buttocks, resulting in a firmer, curvier appearance. This procedure does require a slightly longer recovery period, generally lasting up to six weeks. Dr. Schaffer may also have you stay two to three nights after your procedure before releasing you to recover at home.

Deciding Between an Upper or Lower Back Lift

When deciding between the two procedures, key factors to consider include:

  • Body Shape: Is your primary focus around the upper back, buttocks, or flanks?
  • Goals: Do you desire smoother back contours or tighter buttocks?
  • Recovery Time: Can you invest in a longer or shorter recovery time?

Contact Dr. Schaffer Today

Choosing between an upper and lower back lift is an entirely personal choice. A consultation and in-depth assessment with Dr. Schaffer will help you define your goals and make the right decision for you. Contact our office in San Antonio. TX, at 210-227-3223, or complete our short online form.

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