The Flexibility of Chin Augmentation to Help Achieve the Look You Want

Although many treatments are available to help address aesthetic conditions and issues of the face, the chin is often overlooked as a way to improve or enhance the appearance of your face but also create a foundation for other dermal and aesthetic treatments.

Chin augmentation surgery involves more than just placing an artificial implant to increase the size of your chin. Instead, the procedure is a holistic approach to not only the size and shape of your chin but its proportion and how it fits in with the appearance of your face.

To achieve the best results from a chin augmentation procedure, it takes an expert plastic surgeon’s skilled and trained eyes to develop the perfect surgical plan and create the perfect chin. Dr. Schaffer will discuss all of the options for the procedure, including options for materials to be used as the implant, as well as the desired size and shape of your chin.

Although chin augmentation surgery is slightly more invasive than other aesthetic treatments, the recovery is relatively short, and most patients can return to work and normal activities around a week after the procedure. Any pain or discomfort is generally mild and can be helped with over-the-counter medication and cold compresses.

Chin augmentation surgery can also be combined with liposuction to help permanently remove fat cells below the jawline that create the “second chin” look. Since this is done during the same surgery, the recovery time is the same, and you can quickly achieve the look you are after.

Dr. Schaffer does offer other less-invasive chin augmentation procedures that use dermal fillers to enhance the look of your chin and face. However, the results from these only last between 1 and 3 years. And although they can give great results, repeat treatments are needed to keep the same appearance.

If you have a chin that is not well-defined or smaller than you would like, call board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Schaffer in San Antonio, TX, at 210-227-3223 or visit to see if chin augmentation can help.

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