Why Gynecomastia Needs More Than Liposuction

Man boobs. Many people know this term and know how to spot this condition that has been common for several years. Men with enlarged breasts have been made fun of. They have been misunderstood as fat or lazy. They have often lived in a state of dissatisfaction, confusion, and desperation, too. The suffering related to enlarged breasts, called gynecomastia, has persisted in large part because many men didn’t realize their breast size related to a medical problem. They also often didn’t realize they could do anything about their shape.

Historically, men with enlarged breasts have tried to work it out. They’ve lost weight. They’ve performed hundreds of exercises to tone the chest muscles. Some have even tried supplements or hormone replacement to address potential underlying causes. Some have considered liposuction. Here, we discuss why these are all good ideas but may not work.

Gynecomastia isn’t Just About Fat

To get real results from gynecomastia treatment, it is necessary to understand what this problem entails. Yes, there is excess fat involved in many cases of gynecomastia, but not all. What is usually involved is excess breast tissue. This is different than fatty tissue, as we’ll explain in a moment. Finally, some men also have breast enlargement that looks saggy. This is because they have excess skin that has been stretched.

Differentiating fat tissue from breast tissue is relatively easy. Fat tissue is made up of fat cells. These cells expand when we gain weight. In some cases of obesity, fat cells in the breasts grow enough to result in female-like breasts. However, more often, what we see is a combination of excess fat and an excessive amount of breast tissue. This is dense and made up of glandular tissue. Breast tissue doesn’t always relate to fat tissue. It may relate to hormones, genetics, and other factors.

Successful Gynecomastia Treatment with Plastic Surgery

Some doctors perform liposuction to correct gynecomastia. This can be at least somewhat successful because liposuction extracts excess fatty tissue. However, it does not remove excess breast tissue or the breast gland that is swelling. If liposuction is performed alone as a treatment for true gynecomastia, there is a risk that the breast gland will still swell, causing the nipple area to look puffy. For the most successful outcome, Dr. Schaffer may recommend surgery that removes fatty tissue and excises the breast gland so puffiness cannot recur. In more severe cases, skin may also be trimmed to prevent sagginess.

Now that we understand gynecomastia, we have appropriate methods of correcting this condition. For help with your chest contours, schedule a consultation in our San Antonio office.

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