Mommy Makeover: The Post-Surgical Period of Healing

As you consider how a mommy makeover can improve the way you feel about your body, thoughts about recovery are bound to pop up. Many women express concern about the postoperative period, imagining that it may be quite stressful or unpleasant. Not knowing what to expect may just be the most stressful aspect of the entire journey to a better body. Here, we discuss a few details that may help you prepare for your transformation.

Day 1 is a whirlwind.

Your surgery day will be filled with excitement and probably a little anxiety. Fortunately, once you arrive at the surgery center, the process quickly gets underway. After a brief consultation before surgery, you will be given general anesthesia. After you are adequately sedated, the anesthesiologist may insert a breathing tube. This will be removed before you wake up. When your surgery is over, you will stay in a recovery room for a short time. The staff will release you to a caregiver once you are alert enough to stand. After you arrive home, chances are you will sleep for the remainder of the day. You will probably remember very little, if anything, of this first day.

Aches and Pains to Expect

Of course, you know that your incisions may feel tender and the tissues that are lifted, enhanced, or tightened will feel sore. This is why you take prescription pain medication. What you might be surprised by is the low back pain that could develop a day or two after surgery. The reason why low back pain is common is that tight abdominal muscles cause posture to stoop forward. This decreases over several days, relieving pressure on the low back as core muscles regain function.

Unruly Emotions

The effects of surgery don’t stop at the physical aches and pains. In most cases, there is also an emotional aspect of recovery. Patients commonly report that they can go from a happy-go-lucky feeling one minute to feeling fatigued and sad the next. When you know that this is a normal byproduct of the physical and emotional stress of surgery, you’re much more efficient at rolling with it. Prepare yourself as well as your caregivers for this normal post-surgical experience to reduce the risk of unnecessary stress.

There are several benefits gained through a personal makeover that is carefully planned by you and your trusted surgeon. To learn more about this process, schedule a consultation in our San Antonio office.

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