Your Mommy Makeover Could be Even Better Than You Imagined

The changes that occur during pregnancy and motherhood are generally good and very welcomed. Many women even say that they enjoyed seeing their body change as they nurtured their growing fetus. Gaining weight during pregnancy indicates that Baby is receiving sustenance. A growing belly may feel slightly uncomfortable to the skin but this expansion also means that Baby is developing in the healthiest way. The volume increase in the breasts is something many women appreciate, at least for a time. In many situations, there comes a time when Mom both loves her life and also wishes for some degree of return to her old self. A Mommy Makeover can help.

What is The Mommy Makeover Process?

Many people recognize a Mommy Makeover as a process through which the direct effects of pregnancy are addressed. This is true to a degree. The series of procedures typically involved in a Mommy Makeover include liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast surgery.

Breast surgery may look different in each makeover. Some patients want to restore fullness to deflated breasts and wish to do so with breast implant surgery. In some cases, there is sufficient breast tissue to improve volume but not enough firmness. To address this problem, a patient may choose to undergo a breast lift only. Often, what patients choose is a combination of breast lift and breast implant surgery. This achieves the best of everything involving the breasts.

Body contouring surgeries in a Mommy Makeover are performed to eliminate fatty tissue that has stubbornly hung around even with weight loss and hormone rebalancing. Additionally, a makeover may include a tummy tuck. This procedure tightens loose or separated muscle tissue and trims the excess. Because skin is also trimmed, the abdominoplasty aspect of the makeover can remove stretch marks, too.

Customizing Your Makeover

Patients seeking a combination of treatments are encouraged to look outside the box. A makeover is a very personal journey for every woman. Just because we call it a Mommy Makeover does not mean we need to limit the treatment plan to breast and tummy. Some makeovers include thigh reduction or lift, arm lift, or even facial rejuvenation treatments. The idea here is to remember that a Mommy Makeover is all about the individual Mom who wants to feel her best.

Let’s create your Mommy Makeover process together. To schedule a consultation in our San Antonio office, call 210-227-3223.

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