Dad Deserves a Better Gift

We’re being bold in saying that Dad deserves a better gift but we’re doing it anyway. So often, we just don’t know what to gift the men in our lives, whether that be our own father, a spouse, brother, or another special person. Because we typically don’t group the words “man” and “beauty” together, it’s quite possible that we may overlook a prime opportunity to gift someone we love with something that will make them smile every time they look in the mirror. Here, we want to suggest three easy ways to bring more beauty to life in the man you love.

Laser Hair Removal

Many men, as they get older, begin to notice unwanted changes in their hair growth. Jokes have been made about the way a man’s hair travels from his head to his back or another area. Rather than poke fun, how about paving the way for a special man to feel more confident in his appearance? Laser hair removal is an excellent method of alleviating the stress of consistent grooming. Is it hair on the ears or nose that has become a nuisance, or hair on the back? Many men now seek laser hair removal to reduce thick hair on their arms, shoulders, face, and other areas. Results begin as soon as the very first treatment.


Call it Botox or Brotox, by any name, this injectable treatment is a great idea. Statistics demonstrate that an increasing number of men are turning to injectable “beauty” treatments to regain a more energetic, competitive appearance. With a short office visit and a few injections (that are virtually painless), men can correct frustrating signs of aging like permanent frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. Botox can even give a subtle lift to a sagging brow that lends to tired-looking eyes.

Help the man in your life look and feel his best by refusing to shy away from the whole idea of beauty. Contact us to learn more about the convenient, comfortable nonsurgical treatments that are available in our office.

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