Dr. Schaffer,

Thank you so much for performing my surgery. After years of not being happy with my breast size, I can safely say that I feel better than ever. I am very active and I have been able to keep my body how I want it over the years, the only problem is that I did not like my breast size, that is one thing I could not change. I finally decided to do some research and have a breast augmentation. I had many friends who warned me that it was painful and I would be in a lot of pain, so I must say I was a little nervous, especially because I was going to have to be out of the gym as well. So, deciding to work through all that pain, I started looking for doctors online. I looked at lots of pictures and when I looked at Dr. Schaffer’s work, I could tell that he had the best results. I decided to make an appointment to see what we could do. My first impression was very positive because all of his staff are very nice and helpful. They made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. As they went over the formal part and told me what to expect, I patiently waited for Dr. Schaffer. As soon as he walked in I could tell I was dealing with a doctor that knew what he was doing. He took one look and gave me so very good advice. He made me feel very comfortable and I took what he had to say very seriously. So, needless to say that day I decided I wanted to have the surgery. I went back for my pre-surgery appointment and as we were going over all the surgery details, I felt sure this is what I wanted to do. When I showed up for the surgery Dr. Schaffer’s team made me feel comfortable as well. They were accomodating to my personal needs and once again came in and gave me a heads up on everything that would happen. After the surgery I was well taken care of and not in much pain. I had my surgery on a Friday so I went back to the office on Monday to have my bandages taken off. I did not experience any harsh pain over the weekend and I was very suprised due to what everyone had told me. I was happy as soon as they took off the bandages and even more happy as the days went. I had very little bruising which disappeared quick. Dr. Schaffer, unlike other doctors I have heard about, had many follow up appointments. I think this is the best because it helps with your progress instead of leaving to you to decide what is right and wrong. It has been almost four weeks since my surgery and my breasts look awesome. I am beyond pleased and I do not regret this surgery at all. Overall, Dr. Schaffer and his staff are above an A+, I recommend him to anyone who mentions having any surgery. Once again thank you so much for helping me feel better about my body!

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