I was referred to Dr. Schaffer by a friend who had previously had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Schaffer. I was so impressed with her results and the comments made by her that I decided to look into the procedure myself. After having a child and the changes to my body I decided to… Read More »


After I was injured in Iraq I lost my confidence in my body especially. I was wounded in more ways than one. Dr. Schaffer has given me my confidence back something i lost in combat and never thought I would get back. I am truly blessed to have such a gifted plastic surgeon. Thank you… Read More »


Hello Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, and Victoria! I hope this note finds you in the midst of the most deliciously delightful moments! I simply want to touch base (because I miss all of you awesomely wonderful people!) to tell you not to give up on me I will be returning to continue on my laundry list… Read More »


I have nothing but the finest words of praise for Dr. Eric Schaffer and his phenomenal staff! With profound admiration, I take this opportunity to share with everyone my experience as a patient of Dr. Schaffer’s. On July 25, 2012, Dr. Schaffer performed a life changing and esteem building tummy tuck re-do that revived my… Read More »


After years of considering a breast augmentation, I decided to get a consultation. I went to another doctor that was recommended by someone and Dr. Schaffer who was recommended by an ob/gyn. My bad experience at the consultation with the first doctor had me feeling worried. When I showed up at Dr. Shcaffer’s office my… Read More »


I was overseas when I first contacted Dr. Schaffer’s office. I knew something wasn’t right with my left breast as it was going off under my arm pit (I had breast augmentation 8 years ago) having been forced to wear men’s body armor in my job I must’ve caused some issues. I received an email… Read More »


After lots of deliberation, I finally decided that breast augmentation was something I definitely wanted to do. I looked at the websites of several other surgeons in the area before scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. Both Dr. Schaffer and his office staff were great and made me feel instantly comfortable my first time in… Read More »


Dr. Schaffer, Thank you so much for performing my surgery. After years of not being happy with my breast size, I can safely say that I feel better than ever. I am very active and I have been able to keep my body how I want it over the years, the only problem is that… Read More »


I have wanted breast implants almost my entire life. Unfortunately, I kept procrastinating and putting them off– well, that turned out to be the best decision I ever made because that’s how I came across Dr. Schaffer. My breasts are fantastic! I love how they look and I am not embarrassed by them anymore. I… Read More »


I spent many, many years considering (and fearing!) a breast reduction surgery and when I finally decided I could no longer live with the pain and disability of very large breasts, I spent several more years researching and visiting surgeons. When I met with Dr. Schaffer (the 6th doctor I had interviewed), I knew he… Read More »

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