I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr. Schaffer and was extremely pleased with both the results and the time and attention given to me by Dr. Schaffer and his staff. He took the time to explain the options, the procedure and the expectations of my procedure. The results were very natural looking and I am… Read More »


During my initial consultation with Dr. Schaffer he immediately made me feel comfortable enough to ask him all the questions that I desired. He went into deep detail about the procedure and made sure to cover all the basics. This made me feel confident in his ability to give me the desired look I was… Read More »


Dr. Schaffer has all the qualities one would want when seeking a plastic surgeon. He intently listened to my desires and concerns, he analyzed the issues presented from both a doctor’s perspective and an artist’s perspective, he told me the truth and he informed me on what to expect, he was compassionate and his results… Read More »


Upon meeting Dr. Schaffer I was very impressed with the time he took during my initial consultation. Everything was explained thoroughly. Exactly what he said is what he did. His office staff were very professional and also answer any lingering questions I had. As I am from out of the area they were very accommodati!… Read More »


All I need to say is Thank you Thank you Thank you for what Dr Schaffer did for me. he made my self esteem come back and I love my tummy now! Thank you to his wonderful staff for being so helpful and fantastic. This is a doctor that knows what he is doing. Thank… Read More »


The dramatic breast reduction I underwent a mere 8months ago has changed my life. Not only am I pain free for the first time in many, many years but I am now confident in my appearance and capable of more physical acitivity. My self-esteem has risen and I no longer hide behind baggy clothes. Dr.… Read More »


After a long time of waiting my husband and I finally decided that it was a good time for me to have a breast augmentation, something that I had been wanting for many years. I looked into three different doctors and my husband and I both agreed on Dr. Schaffer. Due to a crazy work… Read More »


After extensive research and several breast augmentation consultations, I felt that Dr. Schaffer was the only Dr I trusted to perform my surgery. I chose Dr. Schaffer because aside from his amazing credentials he takes great pride in ALL of his work. What sets him apart from other doctors is the fact that he is… Read More »


I have always been a little uncomfortable with the size and shape of my earlobes so after much consideration, I decided I would fix them. After doing my research I found that Dr. Schaffer was the plastic surgeon for me. I contacted Dr. Schaffer’s office to set up a consultation and was very pleased by… Read More »


Dr. Schaffer performed breast augmentation almost a year ago and couldn’t be happier! I decided to have breast augmentation because i had always been self-conscious about the way I looked in shirts, swimsuits, and without clothes. All in all I personally wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I tried masking the problem by using padded… Read More »

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