What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Eyelid SurgeryEyelid rejuvenation has been popular for several years. The blepharoplasty procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and requires little downtime. Due to many successful outcomes, this rejuvenating surgery is considered by more and more people every year. Still, as familiar as the concept of eyelid rejuvenation is, there are details that most patients do not know. Here, we want to discuss the issue of droopy upper eyelids and why the approach that is taken may not be what you expect.

The eyes age in unique ways for every person. Sure, there are telltale signs of aging, such as puffy undereye bags or heavy upper eyelids that no longer display a natural crease. However, what a plastic surgeon recognizes that the average person does not is that the eyelids themselves are not isolated. The entire body is inherently interconnected. The eyelids are no exception. For example, the upper eyelids may not become heavy and droopy just because the skin loses firmness and elasticity with age. This area may also be affected by the loss of bone in the orbital socket, an excess of fatty tissue, and changes in the ligaments that connect the upper eyelid skin to the brow and forehead.

Seeing that the upper eyelids are part of a continuum versus pieces of tissue unto themselves, a plastic surgeon must discern where drooping has originated. There isn’t always a singular origin. To develop the most appropriate treatment plan, the plastic surgeon looks at specific details of the eyes.

Correcting Droopy Upper Eyelids

It is not enough to assume that blepharoplasty, the trimming, and refining of the eyelid skin, is a definitive solution to drooping upper eyelids. A surgeon will look at specifics that include brow position, the amount and integrity of the fat and skin on the upper eyelid, and the position of the lash line of the upper eyelid as it relates to the pupil of the eye. These characteristics help the surgeon identify if excess fat and skin are the problems, if a sagging brow is a problem, or if there is laxity in the muscle that raises the eyelids.

Upper eyelid rejuvenation is a customized procedure designed around your unique anatomy. Dr. Schaffer provides outstanding plastic surgery services in our comfortable, friendly San Antonio office. To schedule a visit, call 210-227-3223.

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