Has Your Face Lost its Friendly Vibe?

Cosmetic aging doesn’t pose the same concerns for all of us. The development of lines and creases creeping onto the face makes us appear older than we may feel, yes, but there is more. Perhaps even more than looking older than we’d like is the perception that facial aging creates. For women, in particular, there is the issue of the face losing its friendliness as a result of specific tissue changes. Here, we discuss how this happens and what you can do to help your face match your emotional state.

Youthful skin is only the beginning. What is beneath youthful skin is a strong matrix of collagen within the layer of connective tissue. There are also fat pads in areas such as the cheekbones and around the eyes. Finally, the muscle tissue that adheres to bony structures is dense and durable. Beginning in early adulthood, the body slows its natural production of collagen. External factors such as sun exposure degrade the collagen fibers currently on the job of holding up facial tissue.

Throughout several years, the youthful Y shape of the face is depleted into more of an inverted V. Instead of width at the uppermost parts of the face; it falls to the jawline. The problem with this transition is that tissue laxity, muscle atrophy, the depletion of fat pads, and even changes to the underlying bony anatomy pull particular parts of the face down. Drooping around the eyes and the mouth, in particular, can significantly decrease the friendliness of the face.

A drop in facial anatomy doesn’t just make a face look older; it often makes it appear angry. According to studies, characteristics such as a downturned mouth and heavy or squinty eyes demonstrates the emotion of contempt. It doesn’t take much to realize that this type of facial expression, intended or not, can affect professional and social interaction.

In our San Antonio office, patients can refresh the youthfulness and the friendliness of their face using innovative techniques. Surgery isn’t always that answer. In many cases, it is possible to lift downturned mouth corners using injectable solutions like Botox and dermal fillers. The sagging brow, as well, can be subtly lifted with Botox injections. Finally, undereye bags may be corrected with dermal fillers. For more severe signs of facial aging, laser resurfacing or facelift surgery may be more appropriate.

Aging doesn’t have to make you appear to be something you’re not. Get the facial refresher you need with our help. Contact us at 210-227-3223 to schedule your visit.

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