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How Soon After A Brow Or Facelift Can I Return to Normal Activities?

As treatments and procedures to slow or reverse aesthetic changes caused by aging or other factors become more common, there is a growing variety and availability of treatment options. Although the specific aesthetic improvement that is desired will greatly determine which treatment is best, you often have the option of weighing the ease of recovery… Read More »

Are You Ready for a Facelift? Here’s How to Tell!

As much as we understand the benefits of getting older, many people still feel frustrated about the cosmetic changes that occur with age. By age 40, most people have lost a fair amount of skin elasticity. This means that there is less “bounce-back” than there once was. Additionally, around this time in life, the muscles… Read More »

What Happened to My Face? We Know, and We Can Help!

When you look in the mirror lately, is it becoming more and more difficult to ignore that your face has changed? A recent study has revealed that, after age 45, many people avoid looking in the mirror so they do not have to see how time and life have affected their appearance. There are several… Read More »

Has Your Face Lost its Friendly Vibe?

Cosmetic aging doesn’t pose the same concerns for all of us. The development of lines and creases creeping onto the face makes us appear older than we may feel, yes, but there is more. Perhaps even more than looking older than we’d like is the perception that facial aging creates. For women, in particular, there… Read More »

Do You Know What a Facelift Can Do?

With the development of numerous lasers, injectables, and high-tech devices, it might seem as though the facelift is outdated. In fact, statistics indicate that this face-refreshing procedure is alive and well in the modern aesthetic world. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery more facelifts were performed in 2015 than in 1997, several… Read More »

Facelift Surgery: When is it Time?

Aging is not something we can go through without a few consequences. It isn’t so much about the lifestyle habits we keep (though that is part of it), but about the natural way in which the body changes over time. We see this play out on the face in the form of sagging jowls, lines… Read More »

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