Can Breast Implants Pop?

Many women wish to enhance their shape by filling out the breasts with implants. Breast augmentation has been a leading cosmetic procedure for many years, and it continually achieves beautiful, natural-looking results. In addition to attaining physical improvement, breast augmentation often brings patients into a better sense of themselves. Patients whose body image was healthy before breast augmentation generally express feeling more themselves after enhancing their shape to match their mind’s eye. Amidst all the positive details about breast augmentation, there are also many questions. One that we are commonly asked is “could my breast implants pop?”

When we think of something popping, it usually has force behind it. Imagine a balloon when it pops, or even popcorn. The word “pop” is not accurate for breast implants. It can create unnecessary fear. So, we have to say breast implants do not pop. They can, however, rupture.

Breast implant rupture is something that can be so subtle that it goes unnoticed for years. According to studies, only about 15 percent of breast augmentation cases involve breach at some point after surgery. Further research into breast implant ruptures suggests that there is no way to predict when a breast implant may fail, or if it will fail at all. Remember, 85 percent of cases are entirely successful!

Breast Implant Rupture Explained

When patients ask if breast implants can pop, the question may be whether normal pressure from a big bear hug or sports bra could be enough to compromise an implant. The answer is no. If a breast implant were to rupture as a result of injury, there would have to be pretty extreme trauma to the chest. The more common cause of breast implant rupture is much less dramatic.

Breast implants are inserted into a capsule of tissue that supports them and makes them look natural. Sometimes, scar tissue develops in this pocket. This is referred to as capsular contracture. There are varying degrees of capsular contracture, with the most severe creating a risk of rupture.

If a breast implant were to rupture, it is possible not to know. This is usually the case with silicone implants, and it relates to the denser consistency of the implant fill. Saline implants are watery and will, therefore, deflate quickly if a leak occurs. When silicone leaks, it does so very slowly. Also, silicone doesn’t get absorbed like saline; it accumulates within the pocket around the breast implant.

Breast implant ruptures are treatable with surgery to replace the failed implant.

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