Options for Shapely Breasts After Implant Removal

A woman’s body is known for its curves. This has always been the case and probably always will be. For many women, the potential to accentuate curves beyond what they were born with is exciting. We all like to feel good about our appearance. When Mother Nature has not bestowed round, shapely breasts, women have the option of enhancing their shape with breast implants. Breast augmentation has been popular for many years. However, there is a new trend happening at this time: the desire to remove breast implants. Here, we discuss how this choice can lead to a whole new level of beauty.

The Leading Reason for Breast Implant Removal May Not Be What You Think

When we hear the term breast implant removal, we forget to take into account that a high percentage of these procedures replace one set of breast implants with another. It may be better if we were to separate the two, with one described as “breast implant replacement.” According to statistics, the leading reason for removing breast implants is to replace them with implants of another size. Many women choose larger breast implants but some choose to reduce their breast size. This could be due to the development of capsular contracture and a desire to maintain shape but avoid a repeat of the same situation. Regardless of reason, breast implant replacement is a very common request among women who have undergone breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Removal Can Achieve Beautiful Results

In the past couple of years, more women have expressed curiosity about removing breast implants altogether and returning to a completely natural state. This choice can feel both liberating and unnerving. What will the breasts look like without the fullness of breast implants? To be direct, they will look smaller. However, an experienced plastic surgeon can reshape smaller breast mounds so they appear shapely and perky. This is achieved through the breast lift procedure. After removing breast implants, the surgeon observes natural breast shape. They then lift superficial tissue and trim the excess so the breast tissue is held in a higher position on the chest.

Breast implant removal does not have to degrade your shape or your confidence in your appearance. To learn more about breast procedures, call our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223.

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