There is More Than One Way to Beautiful Breasts

Women who are not fully satisfied with the appearance of their breasts often assume that they need breast implants. When the primary objective is to add volume where it does not exist, breast augmentation makes sense. There is another way, though, to enhance breasts that have been affected by the ages and stages of life: mastopexy.

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is a procedure that should not be overlooked by the woman who wants to restore what has been lost. Time can lead to a few common complaints, each of which can be addressed with a well-performed lift.

Loss of Height

Height? Yes. We don’t hear much about the height of breasts, only the size of them. Height is a necessary aspect of projection, though, and it is the projection that can elude to volume. What happens with age and weight and breastfeeding are that the tissue that supports the fat that makes up the breasts became loose and stretched out. This tissue is no longer strong enough to keep breasts in their position on the chest wall. As such, breasts begin to look droopy and saggy, with all their volume on the bottom.

Loss of Shape

Many women are more interested in having the shapeliness that suits their frame than the large size. Breast lift surgery, by recreating the envelope in which fatty tissue sits, refines the contours of the breasts. Interestingly enough, this refinement also leads to the appearance of projection and size, even if there is no volume added. This is because the tightening of overlying structures brings volume back up to a more rounded shape.

Loss of Direction

A woman may not give much thought to her nipples regarding their direction, but this can become a prevalent concern as breast tissue falls from its original seat. The skin around the nipples, the areolae, can expand and lose firmness. This loss may mean a loss of integrity in the nipple, and a downward slope rather than a forward projection. The position of the nipples is an aspect of breast lift surgery that can make a big difference in the result of treatment.

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