Science Backs the Benefits of Cosmetic Treatments

San Antonio, TX Plastic SurgeryCosmetic surgery and other rejuvenating procedures can do a lot for the way you look. If you know someone who has had a desired cosmetic procedure, you may notice that they don’t just look better, they actually have a different air about them – one that is more energetic, maybe, or more confident. According to science, this is not an imagined thing. Research suggests that the correction of cosmetic complaints can actually change a person’s life.

The Data

We can’t just say it; we have to provide the information that supports this seemingly wild claim. The research that has been conducted at Ruhr Universität at the University of Basel has provided invaluable insight into the benefits of cosmetic treatment. Two groups of people participated in this study; one in which no one had ever had cosmetic surgery, and one in which everyone had had some type of cosmetic surgery. The self-reported questionnaires confirmed researcher’s theory on outlook after cosmetic procedures.

In the surgery group, there were higher self-reported instances of:

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • General health
  • Feeling attractive
  • Feeling connected with body

In addition to heightened body confidence and awareness, participants in the surgery group also reported fewer instances of anxiety and depression.

Keep in mind . . .

One of the attributes that is shared by all individuals who are extremely satisfied with the results of their selected procedure is expectations. What this comes down to is an acknowledgement that the body is good as it is, but could be better. This is a far different perspective than feeling like there is “something wrong” with the body, and it needs to be fixed in order to be attractive. Additionally, adherence to post-surgical instructions further increased patients’ experience.

Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Our intent is to provide you with the information you need to determine which procedure and timing are right for you. We want you to be completely satisfied with your results and your experience from beginning to end, and facilitate this with clear communication about what to expect throughout the process.

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