Is Breast Reduction Surgery Worth It?

Breast surgeries have been popular for the past few decades and have been widely praised for achieving satisfactory results. Usually, we think of the woman who has her breasts enlarged as the type of patient who feels the most excited about her new shape. According to studies, women who undergo breast reduction surgery experience the same or higher level of satisfaction as those who change their breast size in the opposite manner.

A recent study that confirms this perspective was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in October of 2018. The study, titled “Breast Hypertrophy, Reduction Mammaplasty, and Body Image,” had been conducted in Brazil and sought to measure women’s satisfaction after breast reduction surgery. The two-year analysis had two arms, each with 100 women.

Exams and questionnaires in the study included a self-reported breast evaluation questionnaire, body dysmorphic disorder evaluation, and a body investment scale. Initial exams were conducted before surgery and follow-up exams took place six months after surgery. For control purposes, researchers also evaluated women with normal breast size. Results from the various analyses confirmed that women in the breast reduction groups demonstrated higher scores on their postoperative evaluations and that women in the control group (who did not have surgery) had no change in scores.

Interesting Points to Ponder

The value of breast reduction surgery has been well-known to plastic surgeons for many years. We see obvious improvement in self-esteem in women of all ages who address their breast concerns. What is interesting about studies is that they indicate that women who undergo breast reduction may come out on the other side of surgery with as much or more satisfaction with their body than women with normal sized breasts.

Women who undergo breast reduction often state that their satisfaction comes from regaining a sense of attractiveness, sensuality, and femininity. Reducing breast size makes many women feel less inhibited and more confident in social and professional interactions. In studies, we see that these improvements are experienced right away and that they also remain consistent over time, regardless of the extent of reduction that has taken place.

Clinical practice has afforded us the opportunity to see the many physical and emotional benefits of breast reduction surgery. Are you ready to experience these benefits for yourself? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer.

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