Sculpting the Male Chest with Breast Reduction

Anytime we hear the word “breasts,” we tend to think of the female shape. Men are not expected to have breasts. When this condition occurs, it can create tremendous emotional upset. In some cases, breast enlargement occurs during adolescence. This could be related to the wild fluctuations the hormones are going through at that time. When the hormones stabilize in a man’s twenties, enlarged breasts or puffy nipples should go away. If you’re a grown man with enlarged breasts, you know it doesn’t always work that way. Enlarged breasts may not self-correct. This could be due to certain medications, weight, or genetics. In any case, a more masculine form can be restored through male breast reduction.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

The term we use to discuss enlarged male breasts is gynecomastia. To correct this condition, the most efficient approach is to go right to the source: the breasts. Plastic surgery does this. After a thorough consultation, medical history, and examination of the breast tissue, a plastic surgeon may recommend one of a few different approaches. One is to remove excess fatty tissue with liposuction. Some men need liposuction as well as excision of the breast gland. This small gland can swell, causing breast enlargement and puffy nipples. Excising it eliminates this from happening in the future. Finally, liposuction and breast gland excision may be combined with skin-tightening to eliminate loose tissue that could cause a saggy appearance after excess fat is removed. Dr. Schaffer has performed many breast procedures. He relies on years of training and experience to develop the perfect treatment plan for each patient.

Recovering from Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia surgery is an outpatient procedure in most cases. Patients receive appropriate anesthesia to ensure comfort. After the tissue has been properly removed and sculpted, a compression garment is applied. When the patient has regained alertness, they are released to a reliable loved one to drive them home and stay with them for approximately 24 hours. Most patients are back to work in 10 to 14 days. Restrictions for physical activity such as heavy lifting may be cleared after about 6 weeks.

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